Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Monogrammed Sippy Cups!

These sippy cups are my absolute best seller! Every mommy LOVES these because their child's sippy cup won't get confused with the other babies' sippy cups in the nursery or at daycare! And they can be made to match any theme/outfit! They make a great gift for a first birthday party!

Choose from the regular sippy cup (red, turquoise, and blue lids) or the new Playtex straw cups( green, red, pink, turquoise lids)!

Here are just some of the examples of cups I have done, but I have TONS of different fabrics! So, like I always say, the possibilities are endless!

NOTE: It seems like Playtex is getting rid of the regular sippy cups and only making the straw cups. I have a VERY limited amount of sippy cups left, so email me to see if I have one before you place your order. I can have lots of straw cups!

Monogrammed sippy cups: $14

The bug fabric is no longer available.