Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Personalized Artwork Notecards!

Okay, I am a little too late for Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation gifts, but I have been wanting to do these for a long time, and I just now was able to sit down to make them!

Here's how it works: You send me your's child artwork to scan or you can scan it yourself and email me the jpeg. Then I will place them on notecards with your name or the person receiving the cards!

I have the actual picture that one of my students drew of me (too cute, huh?!) along with my name at the top of the card. The other picture is what the actual notecards look like packaged and ready for gift-giving!

These make a great gift for yourself or for grandmothers! And be sure to keep these in mind next year when you need a unique teacher gift!

There's nothing more personal than your child original artwork!

10 Artwork notecards: $10