Friday, August 28, 2009


Here are some pictures of some of my adorable clients!

Two of my favorite models--Colt and Mason (they're my best friends sweet little boys!)
Both mommies gave me the boys' shorts to make a matching shirt for them.
Carson's Elmo birthday party!Check out that awesome cake!

Henley's birthday party
I also made the birthday bib for her last year!

Here's cute little Charlie on his beach trip!

Here's Colt again in another of my creations! And that's my sweet little Luke with him--and can you believe that my son has absolutely no monograms on him?!! Something is seriously wrong here!
Okay so I had to post a picture of Luke in something I did for him! I added this new "round monogram font" to his jon jon. I really like this new monogram font for boys!
I always love it when my clients send me pics of their child wearing something I made for them! Feel free to email me any pictures you have, and I'll post them on the blog!